Membership in the club is required in order to take any class other than Beginners. Cost is: Single Membership = $20 and Family Membership = $30

We prefer that you fill out the membership form online.

This renewal process offers 2 ways to pay: e-transfer or post the completed application and cheque to the address at the bottom of the page on the form.

E-TRANSFER: Please send your remittance to [email protected]

Membership Application 24/25


If you are not able to do e-transfer, please fill out the form linked above, and follow the mailing instructions at the bottom of the page to send us your cheque.


You may pick up your Membership Card at the RCMP Barn on class nights, or, if you do not currently take classes, you will receive your Certificate of Membership as an emailed PDF  document. Be sure to give us the correct email address.

*** Please note: Your membership will not be active before payment is confirmed.

QUESTIONS? email: [email protected]