GVDOTC-Membership-Application-Form-2020 Membership in the club is required in order to take any class other than Beginners. Cost is: Single Membership = $20 and Family Membership = $30

In this time of COVID-19, we prefer that you fill out the membership form online.

This renewal process offers 2 ways to pay: e-transfer or post the completed application and cheque to the address at the bottom of the page on the form.


E-transfer  Please send your remittance to

Alternate membership application process:

During this time of COVID-19 we prefer contactless renewals of membership. If you are not able to do e-transfer, please fill out the form linked above, and follow the mailing instructions at the bottom of the page to send us your cheque.

Certificate of Membership:

You will receive your Certificate of Membership as an emailed PDF or Word document as soon as your membership is processed. Be sure to give us the correct email address.

***Please note: Your membership will not be active before payment is received.

Questions? email: